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U.S. Special Envoy for Horn of Africa Returns to Ethiopia

As the Conflict Expand in Amhara Region, Major Cities in the Region Enforce Curfews Limiting Vehicles, Human Movements

Despite Widespread Controversy on Social Media, Abduljebar Hussein’s Brother Says No Visible Injury On His Body When He Was Found

Dessie Mayor Says Expected Number of IDPs 10 to 15 Thousands as City Prepared Four Temporary Shelters; South Gonder Zone Mobilizes Residents Against TPLF

ONLF, Hibir Ethiopia Call for Unconditional Ceasefire, Inclusive National Dialogue

UNICEF Says 100 Children Dead as Result of Conflict in Afar Region; Estimates 160,000 Live in Famine Like Conditions in Tigray

Western Command First Instance Military Court Sentences Army Members to Death, Life in Prison for “Supporting TPLF’s Agenda”

USAID Chief Wraps Up Visit With Calls to End Hostilities; Remembers Start of Tigray Conflict as “Grim Day”

Fed Government Suspends Operations of Three Humanitarian Organizations